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One of the great artistic traditions in Dubrovnik is the Art of winemaking. Picturesque Pelješac peninsula near Dubrovnik is home to the finest Croatian wineries. The most interesting among them, without exaggeration, is EDIVO WINERY.


Croatia’s Edivo Winery are making its wines extra special and unique thanks to the Adriatic sea and some age-old methods; so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when divers in the bay of Mali Ston come out with a bottle of Navis Mysterium Wine. What makes this adventure even more special for customers is a chance to do it themselves.

Underwater Wine

Our premium dry red wines are produced from the carefully chosen ripe Plavac mali grape variety, placed in the special amphorae as well as in the bottles, and aged in the cleanest Adriatic Sea for two years.

Underwater Wine

...a touch of the sea gives a specific mark to each bottle, making them unique and a part of the ADRIATIC you can take home with you!