Croatia’s First Underwater Winery Is Open to Visitors

Croatia is one of the countries where people drink the most wine in the world, so if you are coming to Croatia you should definitely try some. If you are in the south of the country you shouldn’t miss Pelješac wine. But now there is winery on a new level – the first underwater winery that is open to visitors. You can find it one hour from Dubrovnik. In the village of Drače, on the Pelješac peninsula.

Portal Cntraveler wrote about the process of making the Navis Mysteryum wine but also about the idea of aging their wine in water that came from the belief that “the sea provides natural cooling in ideal conditions and the perfect silence underwater improves the quality.”

If you are not ready for diving, don’t worry. You can visit the Edivo winery and have a Pelješac wine tasting or buy a bottle of wine, such as Navis Mysterium, Premium Wine Plavac Edivo or Premium Wine Dingač Edivo.

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