Stories of Wine: the story of Navis Mysterium, of tradition and maritime history

The magazine ‘Stories of Wine’ wrote an inspiring piece about Ivo Šegović, one of the owners of Edivo Wines, as a story about Navis Mysterium and the first underwater winery. This taste from the depth is now available, thanks to great passion, lots of time, and the persistence of both the owners.

The path was risky, and not easy going all the way – the first time that the bottles were submerged the seawater got into the wine and all the bottles were ruined. The second time again submerging the wine was a failure. But they didn’t quit. They found the perfect formula to protect the bottles and to leave them 20 metres under the sea where the temperature is ideal for wine, as also is the total silence and darkness.

But that’s not all. The owners dive every now and then to check if everything is ok; such inspections are carried out at least 50 times. Ivo Šegović says that he has spent more time under the sea than on land – but he has no regrets.

An essential element of this story is that the first underwater wine, Navis Mysterium, is a completely Croatian product. Every part of it, from the wine, the amphora to the wooden cases, is produced in Croatia.

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