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Navis Mysterium - The Sea Mystery. A mystery is everything, from wine-making procedures to the other, original Croatian product you will not find anywhere. We offered a story that belong to our land, that people will definitely talk about.

Each bottle is unique, real unique, the product of great love, effort and time. The unique essence of the Adriatic Sea, exquisite wine 'Plavac 2012' from Janjina, clay that is baked in Petrinja, stands made of wrought iron from Sisak, pinewood boxes which are made in Varaždin, glass, cork ... Everything is pure Croatian product.

Srebrna medalja Sabatina 2015


Sabatina 2015

Silver medalist for quality
Organized by the Association of Dalmatia and the Croatian Association of wine-producing towns, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the luxury hotel Alga in Tučepi was held the jubilee 25th International Meeting of Wine Growing Sabatina 2015.

5.11. 2016. 

Sabatina 2016 - Osvojena zlatna medalja za kvalitetu i vice šampionstvo za izgled proizvoda

Na 26. međunarodnom susretu vinara i vinogradara " Sabatina 2016." u Neumu, Navis Mysterium 2012. je osvojio dvije prestižne nagrade:

zlatnu medalju za kvalitetu proizvoda i vice šampionstvo za izgled proizvoda.

Sabatina 2016 Sabatina 2016
Navis Mysterium
Navis Mysterium

Navis Mysterium

Sea Mystery

Sea mysteries are always related with nautical maps, captain’s logs or passionate romances with tragic end. Although most of them are discovered after centuries of laying on the sea bed, they still draw great attention. If the headline made you think that we discovered a shipwreck or a log, we haven’t. We are offering you a whole new mystery. A mystery that will surprise you and show you all the creativity of a Dalmatian hard working farmer.

This Secret will bring you unlimited pleasure of Pelješac sun, rough soil, and sweaty hands of hard working farmers that for centuries live of the soil hidden between the rocks.

…Even the old Greeks stored their wine in amphoras (amphorae vinarie). Exactly those amphoras are the ones mostly found in the Adriatic Sea. Wine amphoras were elongated, with a thin layer of resin coated on the inside. That resin coating protected the wine and gave it a specific and noble pinewood aroma.
Life of the Greeks was implemented with wine that often had spiritual significance. It had its own god – Dionysus. Especially celebrated in wine regions, and thanks to its character, beauty and strength of cult, Dionysus was favourite among common people…

Thousands of years later, a group of young wine enthusiasts go back to the roots. They give back the wine to the sea that will find its way to your table after couple of months of aging with sea organisms.

On the sunny slopes of Pelješac peninsula, Premium wine Plavac Edivo is produced with a great deal of care and love… After it has been bottled and placed in a terracotta amphora, it is sunken under the sea to the depth of 18–25 meters. All of them are perfectly stored, laid on its cork and scattered on several locations of Pelješac aquatorium. It ages in bottles for three months, and later on under the sea for one to two years...

The result is a perfect thermal conditions, creating a beautiful layer of shells, corrals and algae. We have try it, and believe us… Wine does not lose any of the aroma, quality or color. Natural cooling in an ideal conditions and a perfect silence improved the quality. Try it and see it yourself. Bring home an unique souvenir from the depths of the Adriatic sea.

Yours EdivO

Navis Mysterium

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