Wine Bar

Navis Mysterium is a unique product in Croatia.
This is a limited-edition boutique wine made of native grapes Plavac Mali and aged at the bottom of the sea in glass bottles and amphora.

If you want to enjoy and learn more about this superb wine, visit our Edivo Wine Bar in the peninsula of Pelješac.

We offer wine lovers tastings of excellent wine and getting familiar with the production process of our undersea wine Navis Mysterium.

Underwater Winery

For adventurous wine and sea lovers we offer a unique experience of visiting our underwater cellar in Drače.

A limited number of Navis Mysterium bottles and amphorae are kept in  at the depth of 14 meters in a shipwreck, close to the coast of Drače.

We organise at request supervised dives where you can enjoy in spectacular undersea scenery and see first-hand our wine cellar.