Amphora wine: an irresistible and unique Croatian product

Pelješac is famous for top quality wines, and at the same time in its surrounding sea there are numerous amphora sites. All this is combined in the Navis Mysterium or the Secrets of the Sea – wine in amphoras that has already caused interest in Croatia as well as abroad, says the Croatian national TV channel.

For some Navis Mysterium is a unique souvenir, and for others a wine challenge, but in either case the story is more than interesting. The wine amphorae must be in the sea for a full 18 months, and after removal they need to be cleaned. Then comes storage, drying and finally this Dubrovnik sea wine is ready to try.

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Edivo Underwater Winery In Dubrovnik And Drače, Croatia

Edivo offers wine tastings of excellent wine while getting familiar with the production process of our undersea wine Navis Mysterium. Edivo Wine Bar is situated at Drače, the peninsula of Pelješac, between Ston and Orebić, a one hour drive from Dubrovnik. You may read the full story hear

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